Cold Chain Logistics

What is Cold Chain?

Cold chain, also called cool chain, refers to activities and equipment applied to maintain a constant low temperature range from production to final delivery to consumers, and is a temperature controlled supply chain. As the demand for cold storage increases, it is a temperature-controlled supply chain that includes the entire process of manufacturing, processing, transportation and distribution of temperature-sensitive and perishable consumer goods.

CXL pursues Cold Chain Logistics as the core logistics of future, and we continue to invest in order to have leading capabilities in this field.

CA (Controlled Atmosphere) Container

As the transportation of perishable cargo increases significantly, the need for logistics that maintain freshness while lowering costs continues to increase.

To fulfil the market needs, CA Container, which can maintain freshness while transporting for a certain period is the optimal option in perishable cargo transportation.

CXL is providing CA container service for the first time in Korea in collaboration with the group company, SEJUNG SHIPPING.

CA Container

Perishable Goods

Perishable Goods Transportation

When transporting perishable goods, it is crucial to have a lot of transportation experience and self-transportation facilities because it is key to maintain the optimal temperature and humidity of the entire transportation process from the origin to the final destination.

CXL provides the best perishable goods shipment service with a group company that is the leader in air perishable goods transportation from Korea to Hongkong, SEJUNG SHIPPING.

Reefer Container Consolidation

In order to cope with the increasing demand of a small quantity of frozen or refrigerated transportation, CXL currently provides consolidation service of using Reefer Container from Incheon, Korea to Hong Kong on a weekly basis.

Reefer Trucking & Cold Storage

CXL provides the optimal transportation solution by having its own transportation equipment and facilities needed for refrigerated or frozen goods shipment. In addition, cold storage service is also provided according to the requirement of customers.

Cold Storage

Smile Express

As online purchases of seasonal Korean fresh food can be done anywhere in the world easily, every transportation companies continue to look for better ways to meet the needs for faster and fresher transportation. Therefore, through simplifying the entire transportation process by own facilities and full-time employees, SMILE EXPRESS can provide DOOR-TO-DOOR service with responding to customer needs rapidly.

Click here to visit Smile Express website.