Container Freight Station

Container Stuffing & Cargo Securing

We, CXL, can provide stuffing and unstuffing services for the cargoes into and from containers of any type (general, open top, flat rack, even reefer) with our own equipment at the yard in our possession or at the premises nominated by customers.

Many years of experience in stuffing and unstuffing have allowed us to build a comprehensive knowledge of the nature of different cargoes, container structure, and safety issues.

Understanding these matters in full, our professional team can ensure the maximized utilization of space and the safety of cargoes to offer you the safest and most cost effective transportation of your cargo.

CXL is the specialist in cargo securing solutions for a diverse range of general cargoes and even project cargoes of different sizes, weights, shapes and types.

Combining with container stuffing and unstuffing services, our experienced cargo securing service analyzes the nature of your cargo and provides the best lashing solution for your cargo.

Knowing the importance of cargo securing during the transportation at the ocean and land, our team has a sensitive awareness of potential consequences that could arise from improper securing of cargo. Therefore we calculate the expected forces, design the proper securing method and implement it with the appropriate materials to ensure each item is stowed and secured safely on any types of container.


Heavy Transportation

Heavy and oversized equipment transportation is one of the most powerful and differentiated services that CXL offers to the customers. This type of transportation involves a lot of requirements such as road safety regulation, the shape, dimension and weight of cargo, the delivery route for ensuring safe and efficient transportation.

Over the years, our professional team has accumulated not only rich experiences of transporting the heavy and oversized equipment, but also the number of trailers in different sizes and capacities to enable us to transport heavy and oversized equipment safely with the proper and innovative cargo fastening to the destinations wherever you want it to be delivered in compliance with traffic regulations.

Crane & Heavy Lift

CXL provides the right solution for your lifting operations regardless of the size, weight complexity, and location of the operation required.

With our own crane, the professional heavy lift team who understands all aspects of lifting operations performs the lifting solutions specifically tailored to each individual project in the highest safety standards.

Besides, our longstanding relationships with the partners who have the knowledge and expertise allow us to provide you with the various kinds of a crane in a wide range of capacity with a reasonable cost.

Heavy Equipment & Material Storage

Our freight station not only is the stopover for your import and export cargoes but also can play the role of a storage area for the heavy equipment and construction materials. With our own lifting solutions and the professional knowledge of project cargoes, your equipment and materials will be handled in a safe condition and managed properly.

Furthermore, CXL can provide the inventory management service for the stored cargoes. Our meticulous inventory management and transportation service are on standby to help you receive your equipment and materials in a short period whenever you need.

All storage cargo will be placed and monitored under CCTV for 24 hours to protect against any danger or unexpected accident.

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