Ship Management

Ship Operation

We, CXL, own the various types of vessel (ship) which can be operated for the marine construction site in Hong Kong waters. Especially, CXL is the strongest operator which is rare to be found in Hong Kong to own 6 anchor boats playing an important role in helping the positioning of the vessel's anchors.

Besides, CXL operates a fleet of tug and Roro barge for marine transportation as well as a hopper barge which is suitable for dredging work.

Operating our own vessels, CXL can provide the one-stop logistics service consisting of land transportation and marine transportation to wherever you want your cargoes to be delivered.

CXL is committed to performing each project in a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner. With our unparalleled knowledge of marine construction and the experienced crews, our fleet's participation in many projects contributed to completing our customers’ construction and projects safely and efficiently.

Ship Management

Ship Management


Our day-to-day activities working with vessels and project cargoes have enriched our detailed knowledge and understanding of different marine vessels in a technical and operational perspective, as well as our good relationships with HK ship-owner (partners) and operators.

Using these resources, CXL makes well-informed decisions when selecting the correct vessel size and type for your cargo requirements and location of project or cargo.

Our experienced team provides vessel chartering services of different types as follow:

  • Crane Barges and Derrick Lighters
  • Floating Cranes and Shear Legs
  • RORO(Roll-on/Roll-off) Barges
  • Flat Top Barges
  • Hopper Barges
  • Tug Boat for towing
  • Passenger Boats

Ship Management

Ship Agency

CXL ship management team offers various types of services for the local and foreign vessel (ship).

  • General agent service for local vessel
  • General procedure for a foreign vessel entering into/ departing from Hong Kong
  • Licensing for local vessel
  • Arranging dry docking and shipyard for repairing
  • Bunkering and water supply
  • Procurement of ship material and machinery
Ship Management